In order to provide a greater level of resilience and business continuity assurance, Software Escrow Verification examines the source code and materials held under the Software Escrow Agreement to make sure they are accurate, complete, and suitable of being rebuilt into the functional program.

Benefits of Software Escrow Verification

Protects Investment

Software escrow agreements guarantee the software's long-term availability. Additionally, it safeguards intellectual property.

Independent Verification

It provides users with independent, compliant access from the Deomkeeper platform to the source code to verify the quality and security of the code against vulnerabilities.

Business continuity

The software assurance agreement supports the continuity of the organization while enhancing operational and development flexibility and reducing the operational risks of the organization from any of the risks that may arise from software providers by ensuring continuity in agreement with the Deomkeeper platform to maintain the source code of the organization.

Dedicated Security

Deposits are kept in a safe location within our cloud infrastructure, which is supervised round-the-clock by the Deomkeeper security operations center.

Enables Compliance

Compliance with audit requirements, key technology outsourcing regulation rules, and guidance can be supported with the use of a Software Escrow Agreement.

Controlling supplier risk

By guaranteeing that business continuity plans are carried out with the least amount of disturbance or downtime, a software escrow agreement reduces the risk of IT supply chain disruption.

Approach to Software Escrow Verification


One of our expert in-house Software Escrow Verification Consultants will collaborate with the software vendor to supervise and document the entire process of transforming the software code into a programming tools. Depending on the level of verification required, this may be completed within the Deomkeeper environment using the supplier's deposited.


Our verification consultant will record their conclusions in a report that adheres to ISO 9001 standards. This contains thorough descriptions of each activity, each piece of information obtained, the checks that were performed, their findings, and any additional conclusions or suggestions. The report will include a description of any credentials, information, or materials found during the exercise so that the software client may utilize it as a step-by-step build guide during a release event.


All parties will receive a copy of the Software Escrow Verification Report from Deomkeeper for feedback. Once authorized, we will put this and any related items into escrow. We provide the choice to deposit in the Deomkeeper Virtual Vault, housed in our secure cloud environment. This environment is constantly monitored by our top security operations center to ensure the highest level of security is always maintained.

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