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Software Escrow

As the leading Software Escrow Agent with experience in charge of protecting software applications for clients, Deomkeeper has provide Software Escrow.

Source code escrow, sometimes referred to as software escrow, offers reassurance that the source code underlying crucial applications is safe and constantly accessible. enabling organizations to safeguard their IT investments, control third-party risk, and retain software applications in the case of a breakdown in the software supply chain.





Escrow Services for Software

Escrow Agreements

Deomkeeper keeps source code, data, hosted Cloud environments, or Cloud environment access credentials securely under an Escrow Agreement and releases them to the licensee only when the requirements of the Software Escrow are satisfied. We provide escrow services for software, data, and information.

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Escrow Deposit Testing

Verify that the Software Escrow release conditions have been met by testing the correctness and completeness of the material deposited under the Software Source Code Escrow, Data Escrow, or Information Escrow Agreement.

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Code Vulnerability Testing

After the software source code is built into the program that will be used in the real world, it must be evaluated, identified, and any potentially serious security flaws must be fixed.

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Demo for your code

A demo allows you to fully appreciate the design and functionality of your system, which helps your business optimize development and ensures that the features you agree to save are compatible with the source code.

What is the process of software escrow?


We'll work with both parties to discuss the parameters of the escrow agreement, such as how frequently deposits should be made, how thoroughly they should be validated, and when the materials in escrow should be released.


In order for the end-user to reload the program themselves, without any assistance from the software provider, we'll confirm the accuracy and usefulness of the materials kept under the escrow agreement.


Through Deomkeeper, the items are safely deposited and entirely automated. All significant source code repositories, including Gitlab, Bitbucket,DeomLab and Github, may sync with View.


As a final step before the application's source code is turned into the production version and placed in escrow, it is tested to ensure it functions as intended and has no security flaws.


If a release condition is met, we will send the contents to the end user, as stated in the escrow agreement.

Secure storage

The code source you place in escrow is kept secure in our network using the highest security standards. This gives you the best level of protection for putting important documents in escrow and getting to them when you need to.

Frequently asked questions

A software escrow is a way for a third party (an escrow agent) to protect both the software user and the software vendor by holding the source code in "trust" for the licensee in the event that the software vendor decides to stop selling the software or, in some instances, decides to stop providing support for the product or service. This is accomplished through the use of a software escrow.
If the software or software provider stops operating, stops supporting the software, or violates the terms of the contract between the user and the vendor, there may be serious consequences for users and their businesses, depending on how the user uses the software, development, and business continuity. Therefore, every organization and every individual must secure their agreements with software vendors through the use of Software Assurance provided by Deomkeeper.
Source code is a set of instructions written by the programmer using programming languages; they are the ones who own the basic programming, which is known as the source code. Whoever has the right to develop the source code has the right to modify and update it in the future. As a result, by creating software developer agreements for software users via Deomkeeper, you will ensure business continuity and mitigate the risks of unavailability of source code for your business.
"Source code verification" is the process of testing the source code on its own to make sure it can be recompiled into a binary that works.
Yes, you can use the agreement we give you as a model. You can add any conditions you want.

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